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User agreement for using online services provided at Weddingburg.co.uk


I. Parties to the agreement

The current agreement regulates the relations between the CONTRACTOR of online services, offered on the Internet at www.weddingburg.com, namely Global Commerce & Distribution LTD with Unique Reference Number URN: 200250810 and registered address: Sofia, 316, bul. Dragan Tsankov, represented by Mariyan Marinov, and the visitor, using the offered online services, referred to as USER.

II. Subject of the agreement
The subject of the current agreement is offering and using online services at: www.weddingburg.co.uk, following the listed below Terms of Use and Policy of Content Use.

III. Terms of Use
1. By reading and accepting the current agreement, the USER is agreeing to use services offered by CONTRACTOR following the rules and conditions described in the current agreement

2. The USER may need to register to complete his online order. The registration is voluntary and the required USER data will be used only for the purposes to confirm USER indentity when buying online services or goods.

3. The USER agrees to use the provided services in the way and with the functions they have been conceived and realized.

4. The USER understands and accepts that the provider has the right to use the information, which has been entered, including names, telephone numbers, e-mail address, photos, shared facts, as well as other information about their own marketing and statistical information, and also to make it accessible, partly or entirely, to the other visitors of www.weddingburg.co.uk.

5. The USER agrees to receive messages related to promotions or updates by the CONTRACTOR and their partners.

6. The USER has the right to stop using the services provided online at any time.

1. The USER understands and accepts that in its essence and conception, Weddingburg.co.uk is a place, where everyone can read and view the content for free, to share opinions and give suggestions for changes and improvements, as well as to comment on other users’ opinions and suggestions under the condition that they follow an ethical order, and that the content is guided by the accepted ethical norms and limitations, imposed by law.

2. It is our aim to turn Weddingburg.co.uk into a strictly specialized website for entertainment, and as such the following are not allowed:

1.1 Publishing articles with political and economical scope

1.2 Publishing articles with religious and fanatic content

1.3 Publishing articles with erotic content

1.4 Another type of articles, whose content contradicts our concept of “Entertainment”.

1.5 Any content, which contradicts the above described requirements will be censored and will not be published.

3. All articles at Wedingburg.co.uk are copyright and as such:

1.1 They express the author’s personal opinion and should not be treated as ‘universal’, defining or correct.

1.2 Any copying of materials text and/or photos and/or others and/or copying them onto a hard disc, portable memory USB and/or CDs, DVDs and other recordable devices, without our consent is against the law.

1.3 Publishing our materials text and/or photos and/or others is possible only after we express our consent explicitly and in writing, and after publishing a link to Weddingburg.co.uk.
1. By registering at Weddingburg.co.uk the CONTRACTOR has the opportunity to voluntary, and assuming responsibility, share files, while they understand and accept, that the shared files have to be accessible for the other users of Weddingburg.co.uk, as well as for all Internet users globally.
2. The USER understands and accepts that the files, which they share could be uploaded on YouTube.com and also be accessible to be watched by all users and partners of YouTube.com, as well as for partners of the CONTRACTOR.
3. The USER can delete his own shared files at any time.
4. The CONTRACTOR does not take responsibility for any consequences resulted from sharing files online.
5. The CONTRACTOR has the right to review and censor the content of the shared files, to delete them completely, and to limit access to the services, offered by the USER. In case the shared files stand against law and moral norms, the CONTRACTOR has the right to approach the competent bodies, as well as to collaborate with them by offering them the acquired personal information for the particular user, including e-mail address, IP address, telephone and others, without exception.

VI. Personal Information Protection

1. In order to guarantee safety and content of Weddingburg.co.uk, we save information about your IP address when you visit the site. After you have ended your session you log out from Weddingburg.co.uk, we may delete the acquired information.

2. Using the online services offered at Weddingburg.co.uk requires registration. During your registration we save information about your name, surname, city and email address.

3. The saved personal information will be used only for marketing and statistical purposes and will not be sold or traded with third parties.

4. The CONTRACTOR is registered as an operator of personal information according to the Law for Protection of Personal Information.


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