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Express yourself with handmade bridal accessories that match your wedding theme

If you have managed to find your perfect wedding dress, the one you have been dreaming of since you where a young girl, you will want to compliment it with the perfect bridal accessories. Here at Weddingburg, we have a large selection of Bridal accessories, from bridal bouquets, bridal garters, bridal hair accessories and bridesmaid bangles.

After you have selected your wedding dress, the bridal bouquet is arguably the second most important factor in your wedding get up. Whether you would like a grand, extravagant bouquet or an elegant sophisticated one, here at Weddingburg we have you covered. Our bridal bouquets are fashioned with artificial flowers, ribbons and gemstones. Each of our charming wedding bouquets can be customised in different styles, colours and If you do not wish to throw it into the crowd, the artificial flowers mean that it will keep forever.

Have you picked out the perfect hairstyle for your big day? Maybe you have already asked your hairdresser to do a few trails before showtime. So for the perfect hairstyle, you will need a perfect bridal hair accessory that compliments your lovely do. Our bridal headbands are individually decorated with a range of flowers, rhinestones and bows. Each one of our bridal hair accessories can be uniquely tailored, so please don't be afraid to contact us. We are always available to help in creating your exquisite bridal hair accessory.

As the famous saying goes, something old, something borrowed and something blue. Why not cover the 'blue' part by choosing one of our beautiful handmade bridal garters. Even if blue is not your thing, we have many impeccably made garters to choose from. The bridal garter toss has been a tradition enjoyed by the happy couple and guests for generations. It is a fun and quirky addition to include in your wedding reception. Even If the public garter toss is not your thing, one of our elegant bridal garters will be an exciting bonus for your new husband on the wedding night! Our wedding garters are made with high-quality materials and individually decorated with a range of ribbons, flowers and beads. On Weddingburg, we trust that you will be able to find the ideal bridal garter to match your dress.

Bridesmaids help play a key part in any wedding. Once you have chosen the bridesmaids you want standing up there on the big day, you will want to make sure they are perfectly dressed and accessorised. Most bridesmaids share matching dresses, matching shoes and to top it off, you can choose their accessories from our big selection of bridesmaid bangles. Our bridesmaid bangles are beautifully handcrafted in many different styles. We have different types of bangles for every wedding, and each bangle can be further altered to perfectly suit your fabulous bridesmaids. We have no doubt they will be over the moon wearing one of our accessories while celebrating with you on your big day!

Before selecting your Bridal accessories, consider the theme of your wedding. For a vintage wedding, you may want to choose accessories infused with rhinestones. Having a beach wedding? then you will probably desire more casual yet effortlessly beautiful accessories with lots of flowers. Whatever your theme, by selecting us, Weddingburg assures that you will be able to find all the accessories needed for your perfect wedding.

All our Bridal accessories, wedding invitations and wedding accessories can be fully modified to your heart's content. Please feel free to contact us for more information and any questions you have regarding our service!

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