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Unique scroll invitations - Wedding invitations

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Unique scroll invitationsUnique scroll invitationsUnique scroll invitationsUnique scroll invitations

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Please be aware that Weddingburg is not responsible for any omissions, spelling or punctuation errors after you have authorized the example invitation. So please check then double check your text! We are always available to help in the creation of your dream wedding invitations.

All invitations are sent in a non assembled form, apart from one we send as a prototype.

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  • Description

    Make your wedding even more special by choosing our unique scroll invitations. Made with top quality pearl paper and decorated with three beautiful roses, this invitation can be customised to suit you! We require the text you send to be in a format convenient for copying and pasting.

    We will then prepare a personal project with your text featured in different fonts. Once you have selected your favourite text style from our examples, we will begin printing your invitations.

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    Wedding invitations

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    Scroll Invitations

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    21-01-2019 г.

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