Bridal and groom make up

The questions, which each bride encounters are: Who will do my make-up at the wedding? Is it necessary to have a trial make-up? Does the groom need make-up? will try to answer these questions and to give you additional guidance about the make-up.
On the wedding day, one of the most important days of your life, you have to look perfect! For this purpose, your make-up must look tender, natural and fresh. Your face should be emanating innocence and its look must be preserved throughout the whole wedding ceremony and reception. Do not make any compromise with your look. Trust the specialists and find a professional make-up artist. The professional can take into consideration the look and type of your skin and your face proportions and on the basis of this to choose and apply products, which guarantee lasting make-up and beauty for hours. Technically the make-up needs be designed especially for photo and video shooting, so this is one of the most important features of this kind of make-up. Nowadays the make-up is produced in order to meet the technical requirements of digital TV and photography. The make-up will stay approximately for one day on your face, but the photos and videos will last forever. Our advice is to get to know the work of the make-up artist you choose, so that you are confident in their professional capabilities, as very often we become victims of liars.

Is it necessary to have a trial make-up? Wedding make-up, bridal make-up
It is of paramount importance to have trial make-up for future brides, who have not used such professional services or who haven’t applied any make-up until now. Even though the bridal make-up is very natural, it changes the look of the bride to a great extent. It is important for the bride herself to see how she would look beforehand, to like herself and to feel confident and comfortable with the make-up. One type of make-up is accepted differently by different people. If you use black eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick for your daily make-up, for you the bridal make-up would be too “simple and invisible”. The opposite holds true for people, who do not wear any make-up at all – the bridal make-up may look too “heavy” and “excessive”. Make-up artists often have to put on artificial eyelashes – this is something you have to see at your trial make-up session, so that you get used to the “weight” of your new eyelashes.
Everyone has their own idea of their make-up, but very often it might not be suitable for your outfit, the venue of the event, the season, etc. and that’s why you should let yourself in the hands of the professionals and because of everything mentioned above you should have a trial make-up session, so that you are confident on your wedding day.
Wedding make-up, groom make-up
Does the groom need make-up?
The natural skin has often uneven colour and texture, and is also slightly oily. This makes it shine unnaturally in photos. You wouldn’t want the groom to look bad in all the photos, when compared to the lovely bride. Men’s make-up is very natural and unnoticeable. It covers up eye shadows, fatigue, red spots, as well as the “bluish effect” of a darker beard. Unlike in ladies’ make-up, men’s make-up only covers skin imperfections, without highlighting the eyes and lips. Moreover, a lot of men are too excited and the adrenaline, which is released, makes their ears and cheeks turn very red. The groom, standing next to the bride, with perfect skin, may look not very good. Having make-up is a matter of the man’s personal choice and is not compulsory, but if you would like to look well, like a Hollywood star, you should opt for it.

Practical advices:

Arrange appointments for hairstyle and make-up, one month in advance. The trial sessions should be scheduled for at least one week before the wedding day. The hairstyle is done before the make-up, so first ask your hair stylist how long they would need and then schedule an appointment for make-up. Plan about one or two hours for the hair stylist and for the make-up artist.
Make use of modern services and invite the professionals at your home, instead of going to beauty parlours. Make sure your relatives are not around and find a quiet and well-lit place. That’s why it’s best to have the hairstyle and make-up done in a separate guests room, so that you are alone and the artists can do their work peacefully. It is only natural to give treats to the guest coming at your home, but keep in mind that the hairdresser and the make-up artist are there to do their work. They are not guests and have not come to eat, but to do their work. So it is normal to offer them a coffee, water or a soft drink, some cookies. But do not offer them any alcohol. Imagine what would happen if your make-up artist has had a large whiskey, and the hairdresser two vodkas … Imagine how you would look! Keep in mind that good professionals usually have a lot of appointments and are in a hurry to get to the next customer, who also like you has a very special occasion.