Bridal hairstyle fashion

Each bride desires and deserves the loveliest hairstyle for her special wedding day. No matter whether her hair is long, short or of middle length, the perfect style does exist. You only have to find it.
The great variety in the last years will help you get fast to what you are looking for. It is best to have an experienced guide, however. Put your trust in a professional, who will quickly eliminate all unsuitable choices from your list. Do it at least one month before the wedding.
When you choose a hairstyle for the wedding, do not forget that it has to be suitable for the shape of your face, for your hair, personality and last, but not least, for the dress. If you are perfect in every respect and the hairstyle turns out unsuitable, this might destroy the overall impression of the vision you are going for.

A few fashionable offers:

Romantic chignon

A natural and elegant hairstyle. It can be low to the neck or high up above, slick in a tight bun, or fashionable and casually “unleashed” in curls. Whatever you choose, you can strengthen the effect with a gorgeous flower, hairpin or another untypical accent.
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Curly and stylish
A pony tail, which falls like a waterfall on one shoulder is a both gorgeous and stylish wedding hairstyle. It looks easy and unpretentious, but the truth is that if you want it to be perfect, you would have to work a lot on each curl. If you are tempted by such a vision, but have short hair, the extensions are more than suitable here. 




  Wedding hairstylesPlaits

You can also try with plaits or braids. Put up in a shiny bun, let loose, or spiraling round the head, they give a very romantic and Renaissance look of the overall fashion look. Keep in mind that plaits are suitable only for tender and classical models, and not for fashionable and extravagant dresses.

You can add accessories and fashionable accents to any wedding hairstyle for 2011. The trends presuppose the hair to be stunning, structured in an elegant hairstyle, with which you will look astonishing in the wedding spotlight.